Client: Tropical Adventures


Tropical Adventures is Antigua’s #1 tour operator. Offering both land & sea tours to visitors and locals of Antigua.

Type of work

  • Build brand awareness, Online presence, Drive website traffic which leads to sales.
  • Strategy development of Tropical Adventures social media campaign.

These categories were tailored to Tropical Adventures based on their needs:

Online Identity

  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Instagram Page
  • Youtube Channel
  • Trip Advisor
  • Google Searches
  • Website Creation & Promotion

Experience Sharing

  • Re-post Visitors photos and experiences
  • Video Diaries
  • Re-post reviews from TripAdvisor

Information Sharing

  • Why Tropical Adventures is the best in Antigua
  • The amazing staff & crew
  • The awards
  • Information on Antigua and the company

Natural Beauty

  • Highlight nature (Wildlife, Flora & Fauna)
  • Highlight the climate (Hot all year round)
  • Highlight the blue water
  • Highlight the beaches