Creative Strategist

Allow me to plan and execute an advertising campaign for your business, product, service, or establishment. I will develop concepts and strategies customized for your business/product/service to reach your target markets across multiple platforms. I will work with my team of experienced graphic designers, video producers, and photographers (if needed) to design and create specialized marketing campaigns for your business/products no matter your marketing budget.

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Tropical Adventures – 7 Years

Tropical Adventures is the #1 tour operator in Antigua & Barbuda offering both land and sea tours. 

NMI Promotions – 12 Years

NMI Promotions is a creative syndicate formed to help reshape the nightlife industry in Antigua.

Case Studies

Crisis Management for Thai Express


TD Personas

SM_PROJECT 2_Personna_Page_01

NMI Promotions


Roger's Brand

New Rogers LQ_Page_01

Vancouver Tourism

Vancouver Tourism Project_Page_01

McDonalds Canada Promotion

McDonalds Canada – Canadian 150th Anniversary Monopoly Promotion_Page_1

Tropical Adventures Creative Brief

Tropical Adventures Creative Brief -LQ_Page_1

Koodo Mobile Creative Brief

Koodo Deck_v3_Page_01

Nocturnal 10 Sponsorship